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Summer Hours: Wednesday to Saturday, 11am - 5pm
Closed Sunday, Monday and Tuesday

inside door.jpg

Two mixed media pieces by Ryan Arnott and Miranda Jones with Monet(our gallery greeter) taking a rest in the middle.

frontleft wall.jpg

One of the front gallery walls.


A pen and paper piece by Bruce Anderson and an oil painting by Kathleen Brady.

show alcove1.jpg

3 watercolour pieces by Donna Kriekle, Stone carvings by Larry Trask, ceramic by Takashi Hara and a painting by Doug Kirton.

ulcove 2.jpg

A small grouping just off the front gallery.

upstairs 2.jpg

A view of the upstairs arrangement.

Ryan coats.jpg

2 works by Ryan Arnott

Jan back wall.jpg

3 mixed media pieces by Jan Corcoran.