A Sampling From Our Gallery Artists

new group.jpgLeft to right, top to bottom: Catherine Macaulay - Hellebores at Craigieburn, Wilf Perreault - Four Thirty, Donna Kriekle - Time - the Fourteenth Hour, Sean William Randall - Snow Drop, FISH (Gary Miller) - Qu'Appelle Valley, Vasyl Popruzhenko - The Way Home, Jeannie Mah - Consul, Sk., Anne Brochu Lambert - Homeland: Open Spaces, Beth Gaffney - All In A Row (Pears), Jan Corcoran - Underbrush, Larry Trask - Underwater Wave (Hawksbill Sea Turtle), Cameron McKay - Old Metal, Bruce Anderson - Learning Latitudes: Teaching Moment, Miranda Jones - Purple Finch, Ryan Arnott - Purple Irises with Colourful Grass, Marsha Delouchery - Occupy Emma Lake, Brian Hoxha - Bone Creek, Jane Zednik - Cloudburst, Robert Senger - Young Polar Bear and Walrus, Kathy Bradshaw - Pansy Faces, Grant McConnell - Drink the Moon: River.