Spring It On

spring it on_jpg.jpg

Please drop by to see our newest show 'Spring it On'. New works by our gallery artists are on display.

Show paper flowers.jpg

Our Spring flowers.

inside door.jpg

Two mixed media pieces by Ryan Arnott and Miranda Jones with Monet(our gallery greeter) taking a rest in the middle.

frontleft wall.jpg

One of the front gallery walls.


A pen and paper piece by Bruce Anderson and an oil painting by Kathleen Brady.

show alcove1.jpg

3 watercolour pieces by Donna Kriekle, Stone carvings by Larry Trask, ceramic by Takashi Hara and a painting by Doug Kirton.

ulcove 2.jpg

A small grouping just off the front gallery.

upstairs 2.jpg

A view of the upstairs arrangement.

Ryan coats.jpg

2 works by Ryan Arnott

Jan back wall.jpg

3 mixed media pieces by Jan Corcoran.